Getting Messy With Hugo

  • You can do just as much customization (as the theme would allow - which means that you may not be able to even change to a font of your liking without employing workarounds) (if you don’t like it, learn to create your own theme). By the way, this is how I changed the font for this theme.
  • Realised that Hugo rhymes (surprisingly close) to TuGo ~ tushar goel.
  • I was introduced and got excited to seriously check out Hugo after seeing Michael Raypold’s website. The website looks fun and the elements seem perfectly laid out - it uses the theme Cactus which seems to be a fork of/inspired from the theme that goes by the same name but made for platform Hexo. I wanted to set up my own site/blog the same way. I could have probably got the same result with my previous CMS too - WordPress but I was looking at the speed part as well. I considered going for plain old HTML/CSS solution but overlooking an engine just for speed would mean ignorning the management - it would have been as much of a problem. And learning something new is always exciting.